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by Nyal Mellor March 08, 2013

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
— Albert Einstein
  We at Acoustic Frontiers do not stop at "the basic" industry certifications and qualifications. In acoustics in particular we continue to drive industry thought leadership as demonstrated by the articles and white papers we publish. Acoustical Measurement Standards for Stereo Listening Rooms written with Jeff Hedback of HdAcoustics. This groundbreaking paper lays down a set of acoustic measurement standards for high performance two channel rooms covering frequency response, low frequency decay and many other areas. The Three Acoustical Issues that Room Correction Can't Correct published on Hi Fi Zine. This article outlines that despite all its wizardry, room correction devices can't correct for speaker boundary interference, excessively long reverberation times or strong early reflections. Listening Room Reflections and the Energy Time Curve published on Hi Fi Zine. This article shows that it is the spectrum, not the level, of reflected sounds that is the critical factor in determining the psychoacoustic importance of reflections. The "Room Measuring" Series, co-authored with Ethan Winer of RealTraps and published on What's Best Forum and the RealTraps website. This article explains why you need to measure your room, what hardware you need and runs through the process of taking measurements.

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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