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XTZ Room Analyzer II Standard and XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro Now Available!

by Nyal Mellor February 07, 2012

XTZ, makers of the original XTZ Room Analyzer, have released the next generation XTZ Room Analyzer II. It is available in two versions - the Standard version and the Professional (Pro) version. XTZ Room Analyzer includes everything you need to perform acoustic measurements in a single package:
  • Measurement microphone
  • External USB computer soundcard
  • Acoustic measurement software
  • Cables
The first review is in from one of our customers, Augustine:
I was hesitant in buying room analyzer II pro because I was not familiar on how to use software or reading results but found that Nyal has been very helpful in assisting with any questions you may have. After installing software it's just plug & play... That simple

XTZ Room Analyzer II ProXTZ Room Analyzer II Pro

Both versions include new hardware platforms (microphone, sound card) and upgraded software. Two of the key additions to the software are the SPL meter and the unique 'delay finder' tool which helps perfectly set subwoofer time delay in home theater receivers (it's not just a case of measuring the physical distance that your sub is away from the prime listening seat as most people think because subwoofers generally have additional delay relative to the other speakers in the system....). The XTZ Room Analyzer II Standard has slimmed down software functionality compared to the original (with the exception of the key addition of the SPL meter and delay finder as described above) and is available at a lower price point. It is perfect for system set up processes. In fact you will find that we've written two blog articles that show exactly how to use the XTZ to set levels, distances and phase properly in a home theater and integrate a subwoofer with a stereo system.

 /><span class=Frequency response and SPL measurements in XTZ Room Analyzer II Standard

The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro has a higher quality microphone and soundcard relative to the original version. In addition the software functionality is improved over what was available previously by incorporating a tone generator and 1/12th octave frequency response measurement smoothing. This version is also the one you want to select to set up any parametric EQ in your system, such as that available in Velodyne subs, the SMS-1 or Classe / Rotel processors. It is the only product on the market that incorporates a unique software parametric EQ emulation facility - you can actually define EQ in the software and play / record an acoustic measurement through it. This allows very rapid iteration and setting of EQ. Contrast this with how you have to set up EQ using other software - do a measurement, set the EQ in the outboard box, remeasure, re-set EQ, remeasure, etc. Having all the controls in software massively speeds up the EQ process. Even if you have room correction in your home theater receiver you should definitely at least validate what kind of performance you are getting. Many automated routines do an average job at best of properly setting up levels, subwoofer phase and with a measurement package you can see what's really going on. For advanced users you can even start to compare the results from the software against the measurement targets we have published. Acoustic Frontiers is an XTZ Room Analyzer dealer and we ship the Standard and Pro versions internationally. We offer free support to help you understand the measurements and how best to use the software. Feel free to contact us via the comments below or directly with any questions you might have.

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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