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Boldly going where (only a few) have gone before! Acoustic Frontiers is Go!

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Hi everyone, this is the first post to the NEW and EXCITING Acoustic Frontiers website!

Why did we set the company up? We realized that for too long audiophiles and home theater fanatics have neglected the listening room as a source of sound improvement potential. If we are honest a lot of us, even those with very expensive (i.e. $10,000+) systems, find problems with our sound. Not having any scientific knowledge or basis for understanding WHY the sound is bad, we follow the path that the audio equipment manufacturers and dealers want us to follow - the equipment upgrade path. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a one in a hundred balance of equipment, speakers, speaker location, room size, furnishings and listener position. These people get good sound. They probably attribute it to the money they just spent. In most cases it is just blind luck. Change one of the variables mentioned above and they have bad sound. They move the couch - bad sound. They 'upgrade' to a pair of new speakers - bad sound. They move into a new house - bad sound. They wail, they cry, then they (guess what) - buy some more expensive equipment!

 /></span><span class=Is space really the final frontier? Or is it the listening room?The founders of Acoustic Frontiers were in the exact situation above before we started to learn about room acoustics, room design, acoustic measurements and all the myriad of factors that impact how our equipment interacts with the room to govern what we hear. After reading many books and finding a world class mentor in Gerry Lemay of the Home Acoustics Alliance we saw an opportunity to bring music enthusiasts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area the improvements in sound quality that we had been exposed to.

Most music lovers do not understand the negative impact of room acoustics on sound quality. A minority have spent the time and money to look at the impact their listening room is having and have been happily enjoying the sound of their systems ever since, free from the constant upgrade cycle.

And we should all remember why we do this - the music. Each of us wants to be touched by the music, to feel the emotional connection with the artist, to be transported to another dimesion for a song, an album, an evening. For too long the listening room has got in the way of the emotional connection.

Our value proposition to you, our potential clients, is to provide a world class acoustic design and calibration service for the 'final frontier' in the reproduction chain - the listening room. By focusing on sound quality and being scientific about using room design principles and acoustic measurements we can fix the problems of the listening room and leave you with the music.

We do two and multi channel audio as well as home theater.



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