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Free high resolution test tones and music downloads from Nuforce

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Nuforce, purveyors of headphone amplifiers, digital to analog converters (DACs), amplifiers and many other things have released a FREE set of simple test tones and high resolution (24/96) music!

Test tones include:
	<li>20Hz to 20kHz sweep</li>
	<li>L / R channel checks with test signals and music</li>
	<li>20Hz to 20kHz in phase and out of phase sweep</li>
	<li>White noise continuous pan from L to R</li>
	<li>White noise stepped pan from L to R</li>
Using the basic sweep helps quickly identify any room mode related resonance issues. When the sine wave hits a bad resonance frequency the sound will appear to come from all around you and will have a boomy quality. This is caused by sounds at those resonant frequencies taking much longer to decay than those around them.

White noise is particularly useful in checking for soundstaging consistency between left and right speaker. The sound should pan cleanly from left to right rather than jumping from one speaker to another or having a different shape on one side relative to the other.

The music test tracks include 16 cuts such as solo drum kits, cellos, pianos and vocals. Well worth downloading and playing!

Do you know any other good sources of test tones and high resolution downloads? What are your favorite test CDs or LPs and why?




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