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Introducing Torus Power

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Who are Torus Power?

Torus Power is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Torus make Power Isolation Units (PIUs) that use torodial isolation transformer technology perfected by their parent company, Plitron Manufacturing. Their main features are:
  • NBT (Narrow Band Technology), which significantly attenuates mains borne noise without use of external filtering circuits
  • LoNo (Low Noise) which eliminates audible noise generated by the transformer
  • SMSS (Series Mode Surge Supression) which is surge supression technology that does not use sacrificial MOVs (metal oxide varistors)

What products do they have?

  • 2.5A-290A
  • 120V or 240V inputs. 240V input products allow for 'balanced power' which provides additional cancelation of common mode noise (mains borne noise present on both live and neutral)
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) option which keeps the output voltage at a steady 120V

<h3>What are the main benefits of using them?</h3>
The audible result of using Torus products is increased dynamic contrast and higher clarity resulting from:
	<li>Increased instantaneous power delivery - a 20A Torus can deliver 400A peaks</li>
	<li>Cleansed power - starting at 2kHz Torus products filter out noise at 12dB per octave all the way through to 1mHz</li>
Watch this great video that explains in more details what power issues there are and the features of the Torus units.
<p style= Here is another video from CEDIA showing the measured effects of the Torus units on power quality.

    Where can I get a buy one or get a demonstration?

    Torus Power units are available online from our ecommerce store. We also have demo units available and we can offer in home demonstrations.



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