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Procella Audio speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

“The World’s Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers.”
— Procella Audio's tagline

Why do we use Procella Audio speakers?


<strong><a href=Procella Audio is a relatively new company onto the high performance home theater scene. Founded by two ex-DTS engineers their products utilize technologies designed to be able to reproduce the dynamic range, detail and transients in high resolution audio soundtracks.
  • Can reproduce THX cinema reference levels cleanly, reliably and with high audio quality. Most speakers use soft dome tweeters, the vast majority of which cannot reproduce the sound pressure levels required for true home theater without distortion and dynamic compression.
  • Very high audio quality. Many speakers capable of reference level reproduction just don't sound good. Procella Audio speakers are some of the few that can do dual duty in home theater or music applications. They sound amazing with blu-ray concerts!
  • Physically small and slim for easy integration into baffle walls or wall mounting
  • Constant directivity design significantly reduces acoustic treatment requirements



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