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Remote acoustical measurement and diagnosis service now live!

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Overview Acoustic Frontiers is pleased to announce the immediate launch of our remote acoustic measurement and diagnosis service. Acoustical Diagnosis, the name we have given our service, is much like a doctor's checkup. We do a series of acoustical measurement tests and compare them to our standards to see what kind of acoustical maladies your room has introduced. Using this analysis, and our knowledge or good acoustic design, we make high level recommendations on the changes you need to make to your system and room to improve sound quality. Acoustic Frontiers offers two versions of our Acoustical Diagnosis service. One designed for people local to the SF Bay Area (link) and another designed for our national and international clients. This blog post explains how our remote service works. It is designed to be very flexible; if you already have a set of acoustic measurements then we can more often than not use those. If you want to permanently have an acoustic measurement kit on hand, then we offer the XTZ Room Analyzer product. Finally we have developed a hardware based kit for people who don't want to have to install software on their computer and just want something easy and quick to use.   What is an Acoustical Diagnosis? Acoustical Diagnosis is the process of understanding the acoustical issues of your listening room or home theater. We synthesize acoustical measurements and a review of your system against acoustic design best practices to develop a set of improvement recommendations. It will help you answer questions like:
  • How is my room degrading sound quality?
  • How does my room measure up to industry best practices?
  • What acoustic treatment does my room need?
 /><span class=Is this measurement good or bad? How is it affecting sound quality? What do I need to change to improve the situation? What you get
  • Scoring of your system against the Acoustic Frontiers set of 'Acoustic Design Principles', an extensive list compiled from personal experience and industry best practices.
  • Analysis and scoring of your room's acoustic measurements against the Acoustic Frontiers set of 'Acoustical Measurement Standards'.
  • A summary of how the issues identified from measurement and the best practice review affect sound quality and what the opportunity for improvement is.
  • High level acoustic treatment recommendations.
  • Recommendations on use of EQ, seating and listening positions, etc.
  • 25-30 page Acoustical Diagnosis Report summarizing our analysis and recommendations.
  • Unlimited email and phone support.
  How it works
  • Purchase the Remote Acoustical Diagnosis Service from our website
  • We'll call you to discuss which approach to taking the acoustic measurements you want to take. There are three options:
  1. Have Acoustic Frontiers send you our measurement kit - comprising a Sony PCM recorder, a calibrated Galaxy Audio CM130 SPL meter and a set of test tones on CD / USB key. Have a read of the instructions included with the kit.
  2. Buy the XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro acoustic measurement package in a box and send us the measurement file
  3. Take measurements using your own equipment and send them to us (ideal if you have Room EQ Wizard or another piece of software that can export an impulse response).
  • You take the measurements and send them to us together with photos of your room and a sketch of the layout of speakers, listening seats, windows, etc
  • We crunch the data, review your system against a set of best practice acoustic design principles and send you the 25-30 page Acoustical Diagnosis Report

 /><span class=Remote acoustic measurement kit - Sony PCM recorder, Galaxy SPL meter, test tones on CD & USB key, spare batteries and earplugs! Also contains (not shown) microphone stand and cabling

In this blog post we've explained our Remote Acoustical Diagnosis Service. We are interested in your thoughts on this, so if you have questions please contact us or leave a comment. We look forward to hearing from you! Nyal / Acoustic Frontiers Acoustic Frontiers is a company dedicated to improving the sound quality of your listening room or home theater. We offer services and products related to acoustic design, measurement, treatment and room correction.



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