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Required viewing! Awesome videos from DEQX explaining how the HDP-3 and HDP-Express can correct your speakers and room

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

A couple of really interesting videos for you this week. They are from Kim Ryrie, the founder of DEQX. DEQX, by the way, stands for Digital EQualization and Crossover (aka Xover). There were nine videos posted on DEQX's YouTube channel at the time of writing this blog post. I've selected the three I think are most interesting, but if you have time be sure to watch the other six. Two of definite interest are the one which covers how to integrate DEQX into a home theater and the one that expains the difference between the HDP-3 and the HDP-Express (now discontinued and replaced with the HDP-4, HDP-Express II and Mate).

The first two videos I've selected is the one where Kim gives a very interesting insight into the main issues with speakers and outlines seven different ways in which DEQX can improve speaker performance: frequency response, group delay, dispersion, distortion, time alignment, power response and room correction. 


The final video I've chosen explains clearly how DEQX can be integrated into an existing system: correcting the speaker from a frequency and phase perspective, managing subwoofer crossovers, low frequency room correction, going active and using the full range equalizer.

Acoustic Frontiers is very happy to sell DEQX products!



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