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Room Measurement - a beginner's guide to acoustic software

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

Recently I have been writing some articles with Ethan Winer (of RealTraps fame) on how to measure your room. Many people are scared away from measuring their room due to the complexity of figuring out what equipment to buy, what software to use and what all the buttons and controls actually do within the software. The series, which is posted over at What's Best Forum and also at RealTraps: 'The Room Measuring Series', has been intentionally written as an easy to use guide for those who want to start measuring and improving their room's acoustics using the popular Room EQ Wizard and Fuzzmeasure (OSX only) software. There are six articles up: 1) An introduction which outlines the rationale behind why it is important to measure your room's acoustics and what the key measurements are. Here is a quote from the opening paragraph...
The importance of room acoustics is often overlooked, even by those who consider themselves serious listeners. People who obsess over vanishingly small amounts of distortion or frequency response errors in their gear accept response deviations of 30 dB or more added by their room. Often they have no idea how bad their room really is!
2) A shopping List of the equipment you typically need to buy to do acoustic measurements when using Room EQ Wizard or Fuzzmeasure. A popular alternative is to buy one of the popular integrated packages such as XTZ Room Analyzer or the Dayton Audio OmniMic which, in one box, contain all the software and hardware you need to get started measuring your room.
Shopping list of hardware needed: 1) Measurement microphone 2) Computer soundcard 3) Microphone stand 4) Cabling to connect everything together
3) A diagram showing you how to connect the equipment together.  


4) An <a href=overview of how to use the free Room EQ Wizard software. 5) A description of how to use Fuzzmeasure room measurement software (for Mac OSX). Shout out to Chris Liscio from SuperMegaUltraGroovy for his assistance on this article!

Fuzzmeasure Waterfall graph

  6) An overview of how to interpret the measurements including frequency response, waterfall and energy time curves.



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