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Torus Power RM15, RM15+ and RM20 Reviews

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

A recent review of the new Torus RM15+ in Stereo Times prompted us to put together this selection of review snippets. We have a Torus RM15 available for in home demo anywhere in the Lower 48. Please contact us to arrange a trial.   Torus RM15  
The Torus is the fifth isolation transformer unit that I have used and is clearly...the best sounding isolation transformer I have heard. Norm Lutbeg, Stereo Times RM15+ review.
The Torus greatly enhanced subtle details of tone, timbre, and imaging when dynamics were extreme or volume was loud. Removing the Torus shrank the soundstage, making my system sound flatter and less detailed...I highly recommend the Torus Power to increase any serious audiophile system's powers of musical resolution and imaging. Larry Greenhill, Stereohile RM20 review.
Compared to wall-outlet sound, the sound with the RM 15 was much larger in every direction, filling the room from wall to wall, nearly floor to ceiling and with a good sense of depth that was almost entirely missing with wall-outlet power. There was a complete restoration of musical qualities; the pace of the music was compelling, there was a fuller harmonic spectrum for each instrument or vocalist, and, of course, there was a quieter background and a sense of increased space. Doug Blackburn, Soundstage RM15 review.
  Recent consumer reviews:  

What are the benefits of Torus isolation transformers?

  • Deliver higher instantaneous current than the wall outlet due to energy storage in the magnetic field of the toroid
  • Filter powerline noise through built-in electromagnetic shields and lossy transformer design
  • Protect from surges with zero failure series mode surge suppression
  • Provide a single isolated ground for all your equipment thanks to the rebonding of neutral and ground on the secondary of the transformer
  • Reliable with no complex failure prone electronics or sacrifical MOVs
  • Quiet

<h3>What models are there?</h3>
There are five models in the Torus Power RM series - the 5, 10, 15, 15+ and 20. The number refers to the amount of continuous current that the isolation transformer can deliver. Each of those five models is available in three face plate variants - CB (Consumer Black, 17How big a Torus do I need? The Torus recommended method of sizing the unit is to find the maximum current drawn by your equipment, multiply this by 0.8 (80%) then choose the next size up. Most of the current is drawn by power amplifiers and powered subs, and so these are the principal items to factor in. To find current take the maximum rated power consumption (measured in W or Watts) and divide by 120 (for North American line voltage). Most manufacturers include a figure for maximum power consumption in their specification sheets. Note that this figure is not the same as amplifier power, as most amplifiers are not 100% efficient. With a 20% efficient amplifier you would need 1000W from the wall to generate 200W at the speaker.   We sell Torus Power isolation transformers online. We also have a Torus RM15 available for in home demo anywhere in the Lower 48. Beware though, most who get a demo end up buying their own unit! Please contact us to arrange a trial or if you need help selecting the right unit for you.



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