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What's Happening Acoustic Frontiers? June '17 Update.

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

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What's New

This month we wrapped up design for a client building his dream media room in Arizona. This 20' wide x 36' long x 12' high space will house top-of-the-line Dynaudio Evidence Master loudspeakers together with top flight Dynaudio amplification and Meridian electronics. We worked with the client and his architect to specify a "just-right" sound isolation design together with fully customized acoustic treatment. 

We'd also like to welcome the latest member of our team, Nicola Walker. Nicola will handle all customer and vendor logistics going forward, as well as project management and design scheduling activities.

Stuff For Sale

Our demo Datasat RS20i processor is for sale. For you that don't know this is a 16 channel home theater pre-pro with Dirac Live. Selling for $10k, which is 50% off MSRP.

Cool stuff from around the web....

ATC introduces on-wall loudspeakers
REALLY excited about this! ATC have taken their great sounding SCM7, SCM11 and SCM40 speakers and repackaged them into versions designed to mount on-wall. Form factor is excellent, with depths under 5.5". 
Roon Does...Hardware
That's right - Roon, developers of the awesome music software with integrated TIDAL CD quality streaming will soon be shipping two Roon servers; Nucleus and Nucleus+. 

Sony UBP-X800 UHD Blu-Ray review
At $300, this Ultra-High Definition Blu-Ray player is almost half the cost of an Oppo AND unlike the Oppo has integrated Netflix and Amazon streaming too! A bargain? Trusted Reviews gives it 9/10, so worth a look

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