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A High Performance, Budget Home Theater

by ct_acoustic_frontier January 28, 2022

A High Performance, Budget Home Theater

Client Profile

L.O. is a self professed 'newbie' with respect to high performance home theater.

Project Overview

The client contacted Acoustic Frontiers for assistance with a high performance, yet budget conscious, home theater he was installing in his new home.

Acoustic Frontiers solutions for a Budget Home Theater

L.O.'s budget was limited, and his performance aspirations modest. He was a great candidate for our by-the-hour consulting services. In this case we provided a high level conceptual layout, Q&A support and consulted with the client on equipment options. Essentially, a basic level of service without any formal deliverables, but enough to steer the project in the right direction. The client benefits from being able to consult with a specialist home theater design company at a much lower cost than if they signed up for our core home theater design package. The total consulting bill was two hours (under $300!). There's no pressure to purchase any equipment from us, but the client did, because of the excellent prices we offered him. He purchased his projector (Sony VPL-VW295ES), speakers (KEF Q650c x 3, Q50a x 2, CI200RR x 2), sub (SVS PB-2000), AVR (Yamaha RX-A1080) and screen (Seymour AV Precision Frame / XD Material) from us. We'd like to highlight the KEF Q650c we used on this project. Though officially marketed as a center speaker, these are a great LCR option for a budget high performance home theater. Retailing at $650 each, they are a high output, controlled directivity, sealed 2.5 way design with 8 ohm impedance and 87dB sensitivity.

The Results

[caption id="attachment_4423" align="aligncenter" width="800"]LCR speakers behind acoustically transparent projection screen. View behind screen. We advised the client to install one sub here and one at the rear of the room, and to fill this space with unfaced fiberglass batt insulation.[/caption] Budget home theater, high performance style View towards rear of home theater with seating and projector

In the Client's Words

"I had a lot of questions when I started to build my dedicated home theater; I was completely new to the hobby and this was my first build. I reached out to Nyal from Acoustic Frontiers, and while I suspected that I didn't fit the mold of his traditional high end customer, I found him extremely helpful and accommodating. Nyal and I agreed that a two hour consultation was best. After submitting my rough plans and questions, Nyal came back with detailed notes and drawings which he elaborated over our phone conversation. This was extremely helpful, and was just the right amount of help. He was also very patient and helpful when it came to selecting speakers and equipment for the room. As a vendor for a multitude of companies, I really felt that I was getting objective advice. Nyal helped me select everything from the speakers, AVR, to even the projector and screen! The end result was nothing short of amazing and my family and I couldn't be more thrilled. Acoustic Frontiers receives my highest recommendation. We can't thank you all enough!" L.O., NY.



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