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Another AVS Forum Home Theater of the Month for Acoustic Frontiers!

by ct_acoustic_frontier January 28, 2022

Another AVS Forum Home Theater of the Month for Acoustic Frontiers!

This is Acoustic Frontiers' 2nd AVS Forum Home Theater of the Month. Our first was Mr. Beck's The Savoy. The AVS write up can be found here: HT of the month - the Hodor theater.

Client Profile

Mr. Childs is a home theater enthusiast from Olathe, KS and active member of AVS Forum.

Project Overview

Mr. Childs came to Acoustic Frontiers for assistance with the layout and acoustic treatment of his dedicated home theater in a 22'8" x 15'0" space in the basement of his home. Like many basement theaters the space was constrained by a 7'7" ceiling height, which required us to carefully consider potential localization from ceiling mounted Dolby Atmos speakers.

Acoustic Frontiers Solutions

We provided the following services on this project:
  • Home Theater Layout
  • Low Frequency Optimization
  • Electrical Design
  • Acoustic Treatment Design
  • Video Calibration
The layout work took account of Mr. Child's pre-existing equipment, which included JTR Noesis 228, Klipsch Pro-Cinema KPT-8000M surrounds and passive JTR Captivator Pro subwoofers. Acoustic Frontiers provided additional equipment required to complete the theater, including screen, acoustic treatment and video processor. home theater layout   The Acoustic Treatment Design specified a balance of absorptive and diffusive treatments, including Kinetics Versatune, RPG BAD, AcousticsFirst QuadraPyramid, Primacoustic Paintables as well as a deep low density fiberglass bass trap behind the screen wall. Home theater acoustic treatment [caption id="attachment_3776" align="aligncenter" width="980"]Home theater bass trap Partially finished screen wall bass trap[/caption] Electrical Design involved analyzing the theater's power requirements and developing a wiring plan specifying number of circuits, wiring gauge, surge protection and battery backup. For Video Calibration the client shipped his Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector to us. We provided a Lumagen Radiance 3D-XS and a comprehensive ISF video calibration, perfectly aligning greyscale and using the color cube calibration in the Lumagen to provide accurate colors. [caption id="attachment_3770" align="aligncenter" width="716"]Home theater projector pre-calibration greyscale Pre-calibration greyscale[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3771" align="aligncenter" width="719"]Home theater projector calibration post-greyscale Post-calibration greyscale[/caption]

The Results

Home Theater view towards screen Home Theater view towards seats  

Comments from AVS Enthusiasts

"The audio in that room stops on a dime. Very neutral without sounding clinical" AVS forum member Chirpie "I recently brought my Samsung UHD player over there with some local enthusiasts so we could watch Deadpool in Dolby Atmos. It was fantastic! Just great sound coming out of those JTR mains and tight bass from the Captivators. The room is very cohesive regarding audio. I really enjoyed the Atmos and DTS.X demo material he ran for us. I did not detect timbre differences in the speakers when listening to movie clips. The room is set up and treated well. More than enough good amps coming from his AVR to drive the JTR well last reasonable listening levels and clean as a whistle! AVS forum member JediMasterGrant



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