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Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) certification

by Nyal Mellor March 18, 2013

What it is

The Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) was founded by Gerry Lemay and is a professional training organization dedicated toward home acoustics. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home. Level I training covers the theory and application of acoustic measurement tools as well as subwoofer placement strategies, acoustic treatment usage and parametric equalization techniques. Level II takes this to the next level by teaching participants a thorough system calibration process in an intense workshop style environment. We hold both the Level I and Level II certifications.  />
<h3>Your takeaway</h3>
	<li><strong>Level II calibrators are called 'gurus' by the HAA</strong>; we have advanced knowledge of home theater acoustics and calibration techniques</li>
	<li><strong>Level II is an elite club</strong>; we are 1 of 4 Level II certified calibrators in California and 1 of 21 in the USA as of March 2013.</li>
	<li>Acoustics is a special focus of ours and we continue to drive thought leadership in the industry through our <a href=white papers and articles with other acousticians.   Want your home theater system calibrated by a Level II 'Guru'? Contact us now!  

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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