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May's Project - A Dedicated Listening Room for a $150k Stereo Rig

by Nyal Mellor July 09, 2012

May's project of the month is a dedicated listening room incorporating YG Anat speakers and BMC amplifiers and DACs. Acoustic Frontiers determined speaker and listener positions, designed and provided the acoustic treatment scheme and calibrated the EQ.

Here's the background to the project from the client's perspective:

I built an addition onto my house. I did the best I could under the circumstances. My room is 14'6"x24'x9'3", 5/8" soundboard over standard wall studs and a double wood floor with green glue in between (nothing special for sure). I knew I would need room treatments. I didn't know where to begin!

The client initially purchased the easy to use and powerful XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro acoustic measurement package from us but wanted expert assistance in analyzing the measurements and developing an acoustic treatment design. Based on a discussion with the client we recommended our Remote Acoustical Diagnosis consulting service which is a fixed price package that includes measurement analysis and high level recommendations and is delivered to the client in the form of a 25 or so page report. After receiving the measurements we proposed some initial changes to the speaker and listener positioning to optimize interaction with room modes. Our acoustic design utilized 100% Primacoustic products as the client wanted to get the project completed as quickly as possible and Primacoustic's make-to-stock approach (they stock all products but have a limited selection of colors) made this possible. The client was very happy with the end result:

Thank you Nyal! My system is no longer there. I can close my eyes and the music just flows from another dimension

See the thread over at What's Best Forum and please do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like help with your listening room or home theater!

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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DEQX release HDP-4 and HDP-Express II; HDP-3 and HDP-Express discontinued

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DEQX have released their new HDP-4 and HDP-Express II digital crossover / loudspeaker / room correction processors. The first production run is expected to be completed end of May 2012 with Acoustic Frontiers receiveing our initial inventory shortly afterwards.


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