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Speaker off axis: coaxial speakers

by Nyal Mellor April 20, 2014

This blog article is the fifth in a series on speaker directivity and off axis response. This article will consider the off axis response of coaxial speakers and consequences for acoustic design. Previous articles in the series established the psychoacoustic as well as subjective importance of speaker off axis response, different ways to measure speaker directivity, the off axis characteristics of waveguided and non-waveguided forward firing cone / dome speakers and the off axis characteristics of constant directivity horn waveguide speakers.   A coaxial speaker is one where two or more drive units are physically co-located such that the sound they radiate comes from the same point in space. The most typical arrangement is a coincident midrange and treble, as seen in speakers from KEF, TAD, Tannoy and others.

  this page for more details on issues with 'normal' professional coaxial drivers. 

Nyal Mellor
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