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An Enthusiast's First Dedicated Home Theater Room

by Nyal Mellor March 30, 2015

An Enthusiast's First Dedicated Home Theater Room

Customer Profile

Mr. Ang, of Dublin, CA is a thirty-something home theater enthusiast. He was moving into a new home and now had the space to make one of his dreams come true - a dedicated home theater.

Project Overview

The client came across Acoustic Frontiers from our listing as a Home Acoustics Alliance certified Level II professional. After a couple of phone discussions the client was set on us helping him make his home theater dream come true. Two of the unique things about Acoustic Frontiers landed us the job - firstly our specialization as a high performance AV design, build and calibrate operation and secondly our flexibility to work with each client's unique situation. In this case the client especially appreciated our willingness to create a design for the client's selected equipment rather than forcing our own brands on him.

Mr. Ang had already provisionally selected a set of speakers, electronics and projection system but needed professional help designing, building and calibrating his home theater. He had contacted a number of SF Bay Area custom installers, all of which had no in house performance home theater design expertise and were unwilling to work with his chosen high value equipment.

The client specified that there were to be no changes to the décor which meant white ceiling, beige walls and beige carpet. Not great for a projection system but my advice is if your wife lets you have a room for a dedicated theater then you respect her wishes re the décor!

Acoustic Frontiers Solutions

We recommended our "core" Home Theater Design package to Mr. Ang. This comprises five key elements: The final deliverable from this work is a set of to-scale 2D drawings and a written PDF report detailing how the design scores against our set of acoustic design best practices.
Home theater layout showing location of speakers, seats and acoustic treatment[/caption] Acoustic Frontiers designed a baffle wall to hold the speakers in the correct position. At the clients request we incorporated the "IMAX reveal" effect which puts lights between an acoustically transparent screen and the speakers.
IMAX reveal The IMAX reveal![/caption] Acoustic Frontiers built the baffle / screen wall and installed the speakers, subwoofers and projector with anamorphic lens. Baffle wall being built Baffle wall construction in progressProjector with anamorphic lens Projector with sliding anamorphic lens assembly[/caption] The final step in the process was to program a URC remote control and calibrate the system to HAA standards.

In the client's words:

“This past weekend I did demo some movies and I am very, very impressed by the clarity of the dialogue and dynamics! I was grinning ear to ear. I think the treatments made a huge positive impact to the overall sound...thanks for helping me realize my home theater dream!”

The Results

Acoustic Frontiers was pleased with the way the theater turned out. This was a limited budget build and the acoustic treatment design was bare bones. But the results were great audio/video and a happy client (which is the most important thing!). Here are some pictures of the finished room:Dedicated home theater Finished room looking at the screen wallHome theater picture Looking towards the rear of this home theater[/caption]

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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