Our Slim Sub Systems Fit In Places You Never Thought Possible

Our slim sub system offer a unique combination of outboard power amplification and high output in a slim box that allows for stealth installations.

Price is for 4 x 15" ported cabinets and 1 x 4800W amplifier. Option for grilles.


The Details

Slim Sub System Description 

The Power Sound Audio PRO subwoofer system comprises a powerful two-channel 4800W RMS (2400W/ch) rack-mount amplifier with four high output 15" ported "slim" subwoofer cabinets. 

In designing home theaters for our clients, we often ran into problems related to subwoofers. They were either too deep, had the controls in the wrong place (on the back, no good if it's going in a baffle wall), too wimpy (not enough clean SPL output), or too expensive. We approached Power Sound Audio and worked with them to develop this exclusive subwoofer system. It's only available through Acoustic Frontiers in the US & Canada. 

It's designed to be deployed as a system - one PRO4800 rack mount amp and four PRO15.2 subwoofer cabinets. 

A typical installation is four subs in the corners, but the slim-sub design also lends itself to use as a "nearfield" sub, placed to the side of, or behind, a couch. 

The PRO4800 two-channel amplifier incorporates DSP controls for low frequency shaping to match room gain, as well as gain and delay adjustments. 

The PRO15.2 subwoofer features a high excursion, Italian-made, neo-magnet 15" driver in a dual-ported cabinet that is only 12" deep. The cabinet can be oriented in three directions, including a configuration where the driver faces upwards to allow the subwoofer to be built into a seating riser. There's also a provision for an optional grille in case the sub needs to be placed "in room" and not hidden behind fabric stretch.


  • Power: 2400W per channel RMS (4800W total)
  • Per-channel DSP for low-frequency shaping, gain, and delay
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.5”(2RU) X 19.0” X 15.25”
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Driver: high excursion Italian made Neo magnet driver 15" ported cabinet
  • Frequency Response (-3dB): 17Hz-200Hz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 42” X 21” X 12”(13” w/optional grille)
  • CEA-2010 output specifications per sub / amp channel (subtract 9dB for an equivalent RMS 2m ground plane measurement).
      - 20-32Hz 122dB
      - 40-63Hz 127dB
  • Warranty: 5 years

More Slim Sub System Information

PRO15.2 subwoofer cabinet cut sheet


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