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Home Theater Portfolio

Elevating Home Theater Design: The Crucial Role of Partnering with a Designer from the Start

Learn why consulting with a professional when integrating a dedicated media space into architectural plans is crucial to avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring a truly immersive and unparalleled home entertainment experience.

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Investing in Excellence: The Value of Working with Professionals for Your Home Theater

Clint, an avid DIYer, planned on building his own home theater to cut costs until he realized the complexity of the task. "One piece of advice I came across most often was to hire a professional. I was hesitant, but I just found myself going in circles and didn't want to invest in something I'd later regret."

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Another AVS HTotM! Reimagining Home Theaters in Small Spaces

Discover how Acoustic Frontiers transformed a small space into a high-performance home theater and another AVS Forum Home Theater of The Month. Unique challenges and innovative solutions deliver an immersive audio-video experience.

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AVS Forum Home Theater Projects....22+ with 6 Home Theater of the Month Awards

Here's the list of all the AVS Forum home theater projects we have helped design (in no particular order. Last update 11/29/23.

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Stuck In the Middle: Soundproofing a Condo

"I’m totally blown away by the project's outcome and can’t believe I can enjoy the room at concert levels without disturbing my neighbors!" Charlie H

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Transforming an Unfinished Basement into a High Performance Multi-Media Room

Core home theater design package with addition of sound isolation, lighting and hush box design.

"The final results are phenomenal with detail and dynamics that are stunning" Andrew B.

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California Dreamin' - Another AVS Home Theater of The Month!

Home theater design: audio/video layout, subwoofer placement optimization, baffle wall and riser; acoustic treatment.

"It's just a better experience overall (than a commercial theater)" Travis C.

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South Carolina Walk Out Basement Home Theater

Home theater in walk out basement. Scope of work: core home theater design package, sound isolation, HVAC, riser, hush box and baffle wall design.

"The end result is nothing short of spectacular." David W.

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Home Theater Excellence in Ohio Custom Home

Home theater in custom home. Scope: core home theater design package w' sound isolation, equipment & acoustic treatment.

"Our room turned out way better than we ever expected. Everyone is amazed at the sound and picture quality!” Todd B.

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Houston Home Theater Remodel - Builder Grade to High Performance

Transformation of a builder grade home theater. Scope: core home theater design package, equipment, acoustic treatment and audio calibration.

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Home Theater Attic Conversion in North Carolina

Conversion of an attic into a dedicated home theater. Scope: complete home theater design package, equipment & acoustic treatment.

"I definitely recommend Acoustic Frontiers to anyone looking for a top of the line home theater.” Dan M.

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New York Dream Home Theater

Home theater improvement. Scope: Home theater layout, acoustic treatment design, sound isolation, HVAC, screen wall construction drawings.

"The Raw Audio/Video is off the charts fantastic." Lon G.

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Family room home theater remodel for a Utah AV Enthusiast

Family room home theater transformation. Scope: home theater design, sound isolation, HVAC, lighting, implementation support.

"LOVING the theater. It just rocks! Especially now that more immersive audio has been coming out." A.R. 

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Home Theater Design for an Australian Enthusiast

Home theater design. Scope: home theater layout, sub number & placement optimization, baffle wall design, riser design, acoustic treatment design.

"You did an awesome job with my room!" Mr. D'Cunha

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A High Performance, Budget Home Theater

Budget home theater creation. Scope: high level conceptual layout, Q&A support and consulting with the client on equipment options.

"The end result was nothing short of amazing and my family and I couldn't be more thrilled." L.O.

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A Basement Home Theater Design for an AV Enthusiast

A basement home theater design. Scope: home theater layout, sub number & placement optimization, audio & video equipment engineering, acoustic treatment design, electrical design, screen & baffle wall construction documents.

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Cinema Design for an Assisted Living Facility

Cinema design for an assisted living facility. Scope: cinema layout, sub number & placement optimization, AV equipment engineering, acoustic treatment design.

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Basement Home Theater: Black, But Not Boring

Small black basement home theater. Scope: home theater layout, sub number & placement optimization, audio & video equipment engineering, acoustic treatment design, audio calibration.

"Nyal has been fantastic to work with." M.B.

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Home theater acoustic treatment design: reference class style

Dedicated home theater addition. Scope: acoustic treatment design.

"I am glad I did not try to tackle this on my own and highly recommend his services." Mike L.

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Dolby Atmos Speaker Placement and Home Theater Acoustic Upgrade

Home theater acoustic upgrade. Scope: home theater layout, room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design, audio calibration.

"I am very happy with the process and result." Mr. Rush

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A Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Layout in North Carolina

Home theater acoustic improvement. Scope: revising the layout, raising the ceiling
building new soffits to hide ductwork, building a new riser, acoustic treatment.

"We have entertained a few couples and friends since the completion of our project." Mr. Gilman

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A San Francisco Home Theater Transformation!

Home theater transformation. Scope: layout, low frequency optimization, AV equipment specification, acoustic treatment design.

"We couldn't be happier with the end result!" S.G.

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Adding a Home Theater Riser to an Enthusiast's Room

Home theater riser addition. Scope: construction level documentation.

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High-End Audio Portfolio 

The Art of Sound: Creating the Ultimate Listening Room in a New Construction Project

"The room was easily the most important upgrade to my stereo system. I think it sounds fantastic and considerably better than anything I've heard at a dealer or audio shows.” - Len W.

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Audiophile Listening Room Acoustics

High performance listening room creation: Scope: electrical design, room layout, 
speaker & listener placement, acoustic treatment design, audio calibration.

"Best value investment one can ever make when designing a new audiophile listening room." I.N.

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Creating a Reference Class Basement Listening Room

Basement listening room creation. Scope: sound isolation design, room layout,
acoustic treatment design.

"Lesson learned: Start with your room before you buy any high end gear." PD

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Creating a Dedicated Listening Room in Silicon Valley

Dedicated listening room creation. Scope: acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment, audio calibration.

"Great sounding room transformation." Mr. Menon

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Improving the Acoustics of a Two Channel Listening Room

Listening room acoustics improvement. Scope: room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design.

"Sound in my two channel listening room is much improved since implementing your corrections." 

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The Acoustic Transformation of a Los Angeles Audio Listening Room

Listening room acoustic treatment and system set-up. Scope: speaker placement optimization, room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design and system set-up.

"After Nyal thoroughly understood my needs and budget he put together a plan that worked for my room." Mr. Green.

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Room Acoustic Analysis and Acoustic Treatment for an Audiophile Listening Room

Improving audiophile listening room. Scope: room acoustic analysis and acoustic treatment design.

"Perhaps room treatments aren't as sexy as the latest new component but they perform the essential task of removing room colorations." Mr. Maciag

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Recording Studio Portfolio

Elevating Electronic Soundscapes: A Home Recording Studio Transformation Journey

"Overall I really was impressed with their (Acoustic Frontiers) expertise in this niche space. I will definitely be working with them again in the future!"  - David T.

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Fixing the bass in a San Francisco Home Recording Studio

Home recording studio improvements. Scope: room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design, system set-up.

"Thanks so much to Acoustic Frontiers for getting my studio back on track!" Nowell V.

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Improving the room acoustics of a Marin home recording studio

Home recording studio acoustics improvement. Scope: room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design, system set-up.

"I'm quite satisfied with the results. And I learned a few things along the way!" Scott S.

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