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Innovative new acoustic treatment options from Primacoustic

by Nyal Mellor September 30, 2010

Acoustic Frontiers LLC is happy to announce that we are now recommending and selling Primacoustic's range of acoustical treatments. Of particular interest are the FullTrap and MaxTrap bass traps which incorporate a limp mass membrane not seen anywhere elsewhere in the industry and the FlexiFusor, an innovative adjustable absorber / diffusor panel.

Primacoustic is a division of Radial Engineering, a company based near Vancouver in Canada. Radial make some very interesting electronics for pro-audio.

Primacoustic have very recently expanded their acoustical product offering and launced a new website which is packed with product information. They offer products in three key categories:

Acoustic Panels

Their main line is the Broadway panels in the industry standard 6 pounds per square foot fiberglass. Unlike rival offerings from RPG or Acoustics First these are made in large quantities in three standardized fabric colors and standard sizes. By doing this Primacoustic (and Acoustic Frontiers) can significantly reduce the cost to the consumer.

 /></span><span class=Broadway panels in beige, grey and black

Bass Traps

Primacoustic have two very interesting bass traps, the FullTrap and the MaxTrap. The only difference between the two is that the MaxTrap is intended to be corner mounted. Both traps incorporate three mechanisms to absorb bass - a 3" fiberglass panel, a limp mass membrane and an air cavity. They have published some very interesting comparative measurements of their performance against other well known bass traps here.

 /></span><span class=Exploded schematic of the FullTrap


Along with an industry standard QRD diffusor (the RazorBlade) which has 8" deep wells, Primacoustic also have the Radiator (a product very similar to Auralex's Space Coupler) and the FlexiFusor. The FlexiFusor is a very interesting product - it combines absorptive and diffusive elements. The absorptive part is a 3" fiber glass panel which is set behind moveable wooden slats which can be opened to allow sound to hit the absorber, closed or turned to reflect an incoming sound wave to a different location (see the diagram below).

 /></span><span class=Exploded schematic of the FlexiFusor

Contact us if you would like more information or to place an order! 

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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