Getting The Most From Your System Requires The RIGHT Acoustic Treatment Design

Acoustic Frontiers has the tools and treatment expertise to solve your room acoustic issues and optimize your audio performance.

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The issues we solve through acoustic treatment design

We fix the specific acoustic issues of your room, such as:

  • Poor imaging and sound staging.
  • Boomy or uneven bass.
  • Harshness and listening fatigue.

We stop you:

  • Wasting money on ineffective or unneeded acoustic treatments.
  • Blindly implementing generic acoustic treatment techniques.
  • Missing key room optimization techniques such as speaker/listener placement.


Elevate your system to a whole new level of performance and realize the investment in your audio equipment:

  • Smooth, tight, articulate, and impactful bass.
  • Spacious and enveloping soundstage.
  • Reduced listening fatigue.
  • Ability to listen to higher volumes without room overload.


Our Acoustic Treatment Design service is one of the most sophisticated in the industry. We use commercially manufactured products as well as custom-designed acoustic treatments. And our designs take into account many elements: bass resonances, speaker boundary interference cancellations, early reflections, and late reflections.

In existing rooms, we measure bass resonances. In new rooms, we model bass resonances using sophisticated boundary element modeling (BEM) techniques that can deal with irregularly shaped rooms. Acoustic treatment is effective at dealing with 100-300Hz issues but becomes less effective below 100Hz, so we recommend our Subwoofer Placement Optimization service to deal with these issues.

Early reflections created by sound bouncing off the major boundaries in the room–sidewalls, ceiling, floor, front and back walls—can severely impact sound quality. Our approach is to use our in-house ray-tracing tools alongside acoustic measurements in existing rooms to reveal the level and direction of each reflection. We supplement this with an analysis of speaker off-axis response measurements that reveal the spectral relationship of the reflected and direct sounds. From there, we assign psychoacoustic significance to each reflection and determine whether to treat through absorption, diffusion, or a hybrid approach or perhaps to simply leave it untreated and reflective.

Late reflections consist of a multitude of low-level reflections and are often referred to as reverberant sounds. This sound is important for our perception of spaciousness, envelopment, and overall tonal balance. We use measurements and modeling to ensure consistency in the spectral balance of the late reflected field.


  • Plan and elevation CAD drawings showing acoustic treatment placement for the ceiling and all walls.
  • Acoustic treatment schedule, detailing the number and type of acoustic treatments.
  • Construction detail and prediction of function for any custom-designed acoustic room treatment.

Creating A System You Love Shouldn't Be Difficult

With Acoustic Frontiers, all it takes is 4 simple steps.



We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals to customize our approach to designing the best experience for you.



This is where the magic happens and what really makes Acoustic Frontiers stand out. Every room is different, and we’ll account for all the elements that impact performance in your space to ensure you get the best system for your budget.



We’ll make the installation process as painless as possible and carefully calibrate your system to optimize performance.



You deserve the best, and now you’ve got it. Put on your favorite movie or album, or create your next track because the system you wanted is yours to enjoy.

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What Do Our Clients Think?

"I worked with Nyal in designing our music room. Given that we did not have a dedicated room for this, the plan was to adapt the formal living room for this purpose. I was very impressed by the creative and data-driven approach that Acoustic Frontiers adopted to design the space and transform it into a great sounding room,”

Mr. Menon

“I put all the panels up last Friday and just did an Audyssey Pro calibration late last night…..I cranked the system up today…wow…The sound is absolutely amazing!…I knew it would get better but I didn’t think it would get this good!… It’s almost as if a veil has been lifted off the speakers, the surround speakers actually make me feel enveloped…before I could always pinpoint where the sounds were coming from, now it feels like they come in between the speakers and from all different directions?…I’m guessing this has something to do with the diffusion?…It’s sounding absolutely brilliant!. I honestly couldn’t be happier.”

Mr. D’Cunha, Australia

“The custom treatments solved my room’s long-standing bass issues and elevated the system to a whole new level of audio performance! I can’t speak highly enough for Acoustic Frontiers’ expertise, professionalism, and ease to deal with. I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone who is needing to take their room and sound to the pinnacle of audio enjoyment!”

Mr. Sudario, Los Angeles, CA.

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