Environmental Potentials Whole House Power Conditioner (EP-2050-EE)



A whole house surge protector that's not just a bunch of MOVs. This one also reduces powerline noise through patented waveform correction tech.

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About the product


Environmental Potentials is a manufacturer of industrial power products.

The EP-2050-EE is the distillation of their proprietary industrial electrical surge and noise filtration technology for residential applications.

The EP-2050-EE is the second generation of the EP-2050, with improved heat dissipation, larger case and a 10 year warranty.

  • Absorbs, dissipates and removes transient voltage surges and spikes
  • Eliminates Noise Between 3kHz-1MHz
  • Does not shunt energy to ground
  • Positively reviewed in Positive Feedback, Enjoy The Music and Stereophile magazines

A 'whole house surge protector' is a device designed to be installed at the main electrical service panel or a sub panel. Nearly all the products available on the market incorporate shunt mode surge protection technology that degrades over time and whose performance relies on the quality of the building's ground protection. In many homes and studios this ground is often of poor quality, with a impedance often over 20 or 30 ohms at 60Hz. At higher frequencies this impedance can be substantially greater, almost nullifying the ability of the surge protector to control the most damaging high frequency spikes. The technology in the Environmental Potentials EP-2050-EE is different. It does not rely on the quality of the ground to provide surge protection. The device tracks the waveform, damping high frequency, high rate of change impulses. That's why the EP-2050-EE is called a 'Waveform Corrector'!

Technical Specification

  • Designed for residential applications
  • Patented Waveform Correction technology
  • 4-3/8" dia, 3-3/8" depth
  • 4 wire connection - two 120V legs, neutral, ground
  • 10 year warranty for residential installations only - installation in a commercial / industrial environment will void the warranty

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