Environmental Potentials Ground Filter (EP-2750 / EP-2775)



One of the only electrical ground filters on the market; you should have one of these on all of your dedicated lines or AV sub panels!

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Environmental Potentials is a manufacturer of industrial power products. The EP-2750 and EP-2775 ground filters reduce ground borne noise and improves overall system performance.

Nearly all AV electronics have a safety ground connection to ensure that any equipment faults do not create hazardous voltages on the enclosure. The safety ground is connected to the enclosure and so in the event of a fault condition the voltage is shunted to ground and will likely cause the internal fuse to blow or trip the circuit breaker. The safety ground, however, causes other issues when electronics are interconnected as there is now a loop formed by the safety ground. Devices incorporating motors, switch mode power supplies (such as subwoofers) and digital electronics often pollute the safety ground, and this noise then travels to other connected devices, degrading system performance. Digital electronics, whilst polluting the ground also require a clean ground as they use it as a reference for signal processing.


  • Removes high frequency noise in the ground system - noise attenuation starts at 15kHz and reaches 30dB reduction by 1.5mHz
  • Designed for residential applications
  • 3, 6 (EP-2775) or 10 (EP-2750) gauge wire; gauge should equal or exceed the gauge of wire used in the cable you are inserting the ground filter in
  • 2 wire connection (ground in, ground out); typically installed in series with ground connection to sensitive electronics
  • 5 year warranty

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