Keep Everyone In Your Home Happy Using Sound Isolation Design

Sound isolation lowers your noise floor, keeps external noises out, and allows you to use your room without disturbing your family or neighbors.

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The Issues We Solve Through Sound Isolation Design

Prevent sound isolation issues from ruining your experience, for example:

  • Traffic, footfall, or playing kids interrupting your enjoyment of a favorite track or movie scene.
  • Not being able to enjoy your system at the time of day and loudness you prefer, for fear of disturbing partners, sleeping children, or neighbors.

We help you:

  • Avoid common and avoidable sound isolation techniques, such as blindly applying generic wall constructions found online. Sound isolation is only as good as the weakest part of your sound isolation envelope (typically doors and HVAC penetrations), and these components are generally under-specified.

The Benefits Of Sound Isolation Design

  • Enjoy your system at whatever time and volume you want.
  • Lower the noise floor inside your room and hear every detail.
  • Improve sound quality inside your room. For example, some specific sound isolating construction techniques can reduce bass resonances if employed correctly.

What’s Included?

Acoustic Frontiers’ Sound Isolation Design service is a comprehensive, engineering-based approach to specifying the optimal combination of materials and construction details to sound isolate your listening room, home theater, or home recording studio.


Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of your unique situation and requirements:

  • Outside-in sound isolation needs - external noise sources such as weather, traffic, and other home occupants that may interfere with your enjoyment of your room.
  • Inside-out sound isolation needs - sound generated inside your room (typically from the audio system) that might disturb your family or neighbors.

We’ll then apply our experience and toolkit to your project to develop the ideal sound isolation solution for you, whether that’s the bare minimum or professional recording studio levels of isolation.


Our toolkit includes software that allows us to simulate the sound isolation of nearly any construction, including complex retrofit situations. We also have years of experience with different isolation techniques and the pros/cons of different materials, so you’ll be sure you get the best design for your budget. 

Some of the tools and techniques we use include: floating/resilient floors (e.g., Kinetics RIM), isolation clips vs. springs, metal vs. wood studs, factory damped gypsum boards (e.g., QuietRock) vs. constrained layer damping compounds (e.g., GreenGlue), door seal kits vs. factory made sound isolation doors/windows, etc.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Predictions of sound transmission loss and impact noise reduction by frequency.
  • Drawings and notes detailing the sound isolation constructions to employ on each wall, ceiling, floor, door, and window.
  • List of specialist sound isolation materials employed and their quantities.

Creating A System You Love Shouldn't Be Difficult

With Acoustic Frontiers, all it takes is 4 simple steps.



We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals to customize our approach to designing the best experience for you.



This is where the magic happens and what really makes Acoustic Frontiers stand out. Every room is different, and we’ll account for all the elements that impact performance in your space to ensure you get the best system for your budget.



We’ll make the installation process as painless as possible and carefully calibrate your system to optimize performance.



You deserve the best, and now you’ve got it. Put on your favorite movie or album, or create your next track because the system you wanted is yours to enjoy.

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What Do Our Clients Think?

“LOVING the theater.  It just rocks!  The sound isolation works AWESOME.  Of course it sounds FANTASTIC!  The theater looks AWESOME!  We get SO many compliments when people see it for the first time.  It’s always WOW!  Now when I demo it to people I just watch their faces instead of the movie.  It’s far more entertaining watching their jaw drop. Our family just LOVES movies and we watch them often.  Totally LOVE our theater!”


“After speaking to several local dealers/installers, I requested Acoustic Frontiers design my theater. Working with Acoustic Frontiers was a pleasure. They are very knowledgeable, flexible and completed the work on schedule. I never felt I was being oversold or pushed in particular direction. They truly customized the design as per my budget and liking and I am very happy with results.”


"Acoustic Frontiers are fantastic to work with. They listen and hear your needs and wants, but they aren’t shy about setting you straight either. They are also very flexible in working with a variety of budgets."


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