Proper Video Calibration Will Ensure You Get The Most From Your TV or Projector

Video calibration squeezes every ounce of performance from your TV or projector, so you see every TV show or movie as the director intended. It’s a MUST have for every home theater!

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The Issues We Solve Through Video Calibration

Proper calibration resolves many video issues:

  • Washed out blacks.
  • Inaccurate colors such as overly vivid greens/blues or people who look sunburnt.
  • Poor performance with high dynamic range (HDR) content.

We stop you:

  • Spending hours learning about how to optimize your video performance.
  • Trying to calibrate your display using test discs, which aren’t accurate without measurement equipment.
  • Wasting money on inaccurate low-cost measurement tools. To do video calibration properly requires thousands of dollars of high-end equipment.

Please note, video calibration is not a substitute for proper layout and video equipment selection!

The Benefits Of Video Calibration

Elevate your system to a whole new level of performance and realize the investment in your video equipment:

  • Every last bit of performance is extracted from your video system.
  • The knowledge that your system has been optimized by one of the best calibrators in the country, with calibration to ISF and THX standards.
  • The objective before and after video measurements showing improvements.

What’s Included?

Acoustic Frontiers Video Calibration service optimizes the performance of your display to industry standards. Our calibrators are Imaging Sciences Foundation (ISF) and THX Video II certified. We use SpectraCal CalMAN Ultimate calibration software together with the Murideo SIX-G pattern generator, X-Rite spectroradiometer, and Klein 10-A colorimeter to achieve professional results.


We calibrate flat panels, monitors, and projectors to quantifiable measurement targets for image brightness, greyscale, color temperature, color points, and gamma using display controls as well as outboard video processors. In addition, we can set specific calibrations for high dynamic range content using dynamic tone mapping or custom gamma curves and specific modes for day and night viewing.


Many displays have significant color nonlinearities, which can be corrected using the color cube technology found in the latest video processors from MadVR and Lumagen. Even if you have a good display, you will benefit from this technology, which has only recently become available to the consumer but is used consistently in Hollywood grading suites and post-production houses.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Display settings adjusted for brightness, contrast, sharpness, color space, gamma, etc.
  • Grayscale and color management system (CMS) calibration.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) optimization.
  • Independent day and night modes, if desired.
  • Video Calibration report containing before and after measurements and all the specific settings for your display.

Creating A System You Love Shouldn't Be Difficult

With Acoustic Frontiers, all it takes is 4 simple steps.



We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and goals to customize our approach to designing the best experience for you.



This is where the magic happens and what really makes Acoustic Frontiers stand out. Every room is different, and we’ll account for all the elements that impact performance in your space to ensure you get the best system for your budget.



We’ll make the installation process as painless as possible and carefully calibrate your system to optimize performance.



You deserve the best, and now you’ve got it. Put on your favorite movie or album, or create your next track because the system you wanted is yours to enjoy.

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What Do Our Clients Think?

“I always knew I wanted to complete the build process with a calibration, but it’s expensive. I could have easily been content to stop after my build and have a great-sounding theater, but I am sure glad I didn’t. Many of the changes were so dramatic, it was worth the money to make any one of those changes, individually. What I ended up getting were massive changes in all areas important to me. Yes, massive. I absolutely love the changes and am very glad I stayed the course with professional calibration!”

A.R., UT

“Fully calibrated, the audio in the room is crystal clear and the video looks amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!”

S.G., San Francisco, CA

"Acoustic Frontiers are fantastic to work with. They listen and hear your needs and wants, but they aren’t shy about setting you straight either. They are also very flexible in working with a variety of budgets."


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