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DEQX HDP-3 awarded Star Component Award in Audiophilia review

by Nyal Mellor April 12, 2011

Martin Appel of Audiophilia has written a short but sweet review of the DEQX HDP-3 which concluded with the unit being awarded the Star Component Award. The HDP-3 is a digital crossover, loudspeaker correction and room correction device that can be integrated into an existing system in many, many ways as described fully on our DEQX page. /></span></span></p>
<p>Martin's conclusion?</p>
<p>The bottom line is that Kim Ryrie* has improved an already outstanding  product** and created one that blurs the line between digital and  analogue. Detail without edginess, unbridled musicality, transparent,  dynamic and a level of involvement with the performance that is simply  stunning. I’ve tried to describe, using some of our audiophile  terminology, what one hears with the HDP-3 processor in your system and  words don’t do it justice. It behooves you to try one — once in your  system, you won’t let go. Removing it from your system will return you  to a duller, two dimensional stereo that’s lost its magic. My system  would be lost without it.</p>
<p>* Kim Ryrie is the founder of DEQX.</p>
<p>** The HDP-3 was compared by Martin to the outgoing PDC-2.6 in the review.</p>
<p>Acoustic Frontiers is an authorized DEQX dealer. <strong><em>Note the DEQX HDP-3 and DEQX HDP-Express have been discontined and replaced by the <a href=HDP-4, HDP-Express II and Mate. We offer free global shipping and are happy to field any and all questions you may have on these units. Please contact us!

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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