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How to video - Room Correction on the DEQX HDP-4 / HDP-Express II / Mate

by Nyal Mellor November 26, 2011

The DEQX HDP-4 and HDP-Express II and Mate processors are versatile devices. They combine the functions of digital speaker correction processor, digital crossover, digital preampifier and digital recording equalizer. They also provide both automated and manual digital room correction capabilities.
  • 10 bands of digital parametric EQ with fully adjustable bandwidth (Q), gain and frequency - most room correction devices do not provide ability for the end user to tweak the filters generated. In the DEQX the filters can be changed in real time from the listening position via the remote control or configuration program
  • User selectable top correction frequency - above 250Hz or so the frequency response at the listening position is dominated by the speakers, not the room, and so any correction applied above 250Hz should more correctly be called speaker correction. We believe the user should have a choice of whether to apply correction above 250Hz. Most room correction devices do not provide this capability
  • Digital or analog input - many room correction processors do not provide a digital input and therefore require digital sources to be converted to analog and then back to digital before they can be procesed. If the source is in digital why would you want these signal degrading extra conversion steps?
Here is a video that we put together showing how to use the DEQX calibration software to set up room correction.

Acoustic Frontiers is a DEQX dealer based in the US. We ship the DEQX HDP-4 and DEQX HDP-Express II and DEQX Mate processors internationally with free shipping.

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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