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Building the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room - Part III: Paint, Star Ceiling, Lights and Carpet

by Nyal Mellor February 01, 2013

It's been quite a while since the last blog update on the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room. However I am happy to say that there has been a lot of progress, although the room is still not finished! The room is already 'up and running' in the sense that it can be used for music and movies but there are still some areas we are working on and a couple of key items that still need to be installed. Today I am going to give a update on the interior decoration and fit out of the room.


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Torus Power RM15, RM15+ and RM20 Reviews

by Nyal Mellor January 14, 2013

A recent review of the new Torus RM15+ in Stereo Times prompted us to put together this selection of review snippets.

Torus Power RM15


The Torus is the fifth isolation transformer unit that I have used and is clearly...the best sounding isolation transformer I have heard. Norm Lutbeg, Stereo Times RM15+ review.

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New Video Brands - SIM2, Seymour Screen Excellence & Seymour AV

by Nyal Mellor January 04, 2013

Acoustic Frontiers LLC is proud to announce that we are now authorized dealers for SIM2, Seymour Screen Excellence and Seymour AV!

SIM2 Nero 3D-1

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DEQX announce MATE processor

by Nyal Mellor November 07, 2012

DEQX, creators of the HDP-4 and HDP-Express II, have announced their newest product - the MATE processor. DEQX MATE processor, rear panel

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Audyssey XT32 vs. Parametric EQ: A Comparison of Manual vs Automagic Calibrations

by Nyal Mellor November 02, 2012

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Building the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room - Part II

by Nyal Mellor August 22, 2012

As I promised last month (in the first blog article on the new Acoustic Frontiers demo room) progress has been made on the baffle wall, the drywall and the floor.  /></a></div>

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We're going to CEDIA EXPO 2012!

by Nyal Mellor August 07, 2012

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DEQX HDP-4 and HDP-Express II now in stock!

by Nyal Mellor August 02, 2012

Just a quick update to let you know that the DEQX HDP-4 and HDP-Express II are now in stock! The new units have 24/192 capable digitial inputs for proper integration with modern music servers and feature internal 32 bit Burr Brown PCM1795 DACs. The whole main PCB has been completely redesigned to improve performance. The HDP-4 also comes as standard with balanced and digital outputs as well as a pass through ouput which makes using the HDP-4 for a four way speaker system much easier. Click through to the full blog post to see more pictures and commentary on these new units.

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Building the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room: Part 1

by Nyal Mellor July 26, 2012

Let me present to your our latest project - the Acoustic Frontiers demo room! I have been carefully piloting the course to a dedicated demonstration facility for at least 18 months now. This demo room will encapsulate and explain all the things we can do as a company. Here are some of the key details:

  • Dedicated 'media' room, supporting a world class two channel listening room and home theater
  • Four power circuits feeding the room - two dedicated to audio (one 20A 120V and one 20A 240V). The 240V is to feed a nice big balancing Torus isolation transformer.
  • Sound isolated using double drywall, Green Glue, isolation clips / hat channel and rubber underlayment
  • Featuring high efficiency, compression driver / constant directivity horn speakers by Procella (we just signed up as a dealer, blog post to follow on these amazing devices)
  • Incorporating at least one and possibly two DEQX HDP-4s for speaker and room correction
  • Highlighting an electrically retractable 4K Seymour Screen Excellence screen
  • 4 subwoofers in a mode cancelling layout
  • Projector in a hush box (hopefully the RED one!)
  • And of course acoustic treatment and final system calibration by our good selves

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Hard proof that equalization kills room modes

by Nyal Mellor June 03, 2011

In recent years there has been much debate about how effective equalization is in reducing the negative impact of room modes. Room modes are characterized by a peak in the frequency response and extended ringing in the time domain. They create low frequency coloration and lack of articulation and are perhaps one of the most prevalent acoustical problems, since they exist in all small rooms. This article provides measured evidence of the efficacy of equalization in reducing both the peak and ringing associated with room modes.

Impulse Response measurement showing reduction in ringing from EQ

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Launch of Acoustic Frontiers eCommerce store

by Nyal Mellor January 26, 2011

I am extremely happy to announce the launch of our new eCommerce store! Our vision is to provide a place to learn about all the acoustic distortions that a room introduces, understand the different solutions that there are to mitigate against each problem and finally purchase the products

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Winner of the XTZ Room Analyzer giveway announced!

by Nyal Mellor December 23, 2010

Earlier this year we ran a free giveway for XTZ Room Analyzer (an acoustic measurement software package) to coincide with our appointment as retailer for the United States (US / USA) and Canada (CA).

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