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05/01/2019 Newsletter

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

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Speaker placement advice that the manual gets wrong!

If you have ever purchased a pair of loudspeakers and read the accompanying manual, you have likely encountered misguided advice with regards to speaker placement. The trouble with these manuals is that they approach speaker placement as a one-size-fits-all scenario. Loudspeaker manuals will commonly tell you to place your monitors a fixed distance from your front wall to avoid "unwanted reflections." The trouble with this advice is that the sound reproduced by your loudspeakers (based on their placement) is left to chance. This is not a great approach for accurate sound reproduction. We, however, recommend using a combination of measurements as well as your ear to optimize your speaker placement. For a solid introduction to speaker placement and its related concepts, have a look through the following Sonic Scoop article here.
Home theater
Image courtesy of www.sonicscoop.com.

Second Row Seating Considerations for your Home Theater

One challenge we run into in our home theater designs is providing clients with the seating they need without sacrificing audio quality. While we understand the need for additional seating to accommodate guests, we recommend designing your theater around the most frequently used, and most important seats, rather than the edge cases. We recently completed a project for Mr. Sahni, an audio-video enthusiast from St. Louis, MO. For this project, we designed the speaker layout around the front row seats. While the rear speakers had to be slightly elevated for clear lines of sight, the bar height is low enough so that the angle between the rear speakers and final row of top speakers is not too compressed. While the sound quality for the second row of seats will be somewhat compromised, the sound quality at the main seating position has been preserved as well as possible. You can read more about Mr. Sahni's project and the design challenges it posed here.
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Cool stuff from around the web....
Crystal Screens - US made holographic projection screens
SPL Crossover - Active Analog 2-Way Crossover
Looking for an all analog crossover that has the flexibility of a digital unit without the perils of AD/DA conversion and DSP? Look no further. The SPL Crossover is an active, 2-way, 100% analog crossover. We really like the options this particular unit offers and recommend checking it out if you haven't already!
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Danley Sound Labs has introduced a new range of cinema loudspeakers that have some very unique and impressive features to boot. Tom Danley has worked at Intersonics, a company contracted by Nasa for fifteen years. In addition to this, he holds sixteen patents for acoustic devices that have made their way into rockets, space ships, and airplanes. Needless to say, his speakers are working taking a look at.

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We are giving away $1800 in free services!

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