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Room acoustic issues 101

by Nyal Mellor April 17, 2016

Different parts of the frequency spectrum have different room acoustic issues or distortions. Acoustic distortions can be defined as sound quality degrading issues introduced by the interaction of a sound source such as a speaker and the acoustic environment it is placed in.

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Early Reflections 101

by Nyal Mellor September 07, 2015

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Ten articles on subwoofers you probably haven't read

by Nyal Mellor September 07, 2015

Here are ten great articles on subwoofers that you may not have read. These articles cover a whole range of subjects, from the acoustic benefits of multiple subs to the use of equalization to improve your bass. Enjoy!

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Understanding small room reverberation time measurements

by Nyal Mellor July 08, 2015

This article explains how to interpret T60 and other variants of mid and high frequency decay / reverberation time measurements in the context of small rooms like home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios. Note that a lot of things written about T60, both online and in text books, are written in respect to acoustically large rooms such as concert halls.

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Room Acoustic Design Insights: Five Steps to Amazing Bass

by Nyal Mellor May 08, 2015

Here at Acoustic Frontiers we use these five acoustic design techniques to create amazing bass. Bass that is tight, articulate, defined, impactful and even. Most people have not heard just how good bass can be when the room is taken out of the equation.

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Room Modes 101

by Nyal Mellor March 23, 2015

What are room modes and how do they impact sound quality? What causes Room Modes? Room mode calculators – what are they good for? Learn more in the article.

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How to Buy the Right Acoustic Panels: Part 1

by Nyal Mellor February 23, 2015

This blog article is part of a mini-series that should give you a good overview on how to buy the right acoustic panels for your home theater, home recording studio or listening room.

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Room Acoustic Measurements 101

by Nyal Mellor January 05, 2015

This article is intended to provide an overview of room acoustic measurements and how they are used to evaluate the extent to which your room is causing acoustic distortions that are degrading your sound quality.

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The Schroeder / Transition Frequency Explained

by Nyal Mellor March 15, 2012

The Schroeder or 'transition' frequency is a critical concept to understand because it explains a lot about how sound behaves in rooms, how we measure / analyze them and how we treat them.

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Four approaches to room acoustic measurement

by Nyal Mellor November 02, 2011

This article covers the four main ways in which you can measure your room’s acoustics.

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Acoustic Measurement Standards for Stereo Listening Rooms published

by Nyal Mellor October 13, 2011

This paper is recommended reading if you are interested in understanding how room acoustics can influence sound quality. It also provides clear targets for the acoustic measurements that characterize your room’s performance. 

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Hard proof that equalization kills room modes

by Nyal Mellor June 03, 2011

In recent years there has been much debate about how effective equalization is in reducing the negative impact of room modes. Room modes are characterized by a peak in the frequency response and extended ringing in the time domain.

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