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JL Audio Fathom v2 Digital Automatic Room Optimization (DARO) Review

by Nyal Mellor September 27, 2015

In this article we’re going to look at JL Audio’s new Fathom v2 series of subwoofers, and in particular the implementation of their new automated room correction algorithm called DARO (Digital Automatic Room Optimization).

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Three ways to add a subwoofer crossover to your two channel system

by Nyal Mellor August 06, 2015

There are many ways to integrate subs into your two channel system. We do not believe in running your speakers “full range”, bringing the sub in where the speakers roll off, though if you really want to do that then see our article on how to do it. 

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What is a high end stereo system?

by Nyal Mellor March 09, 2015

A high end stereo system is something magical. Properly done, a high end audio system will transform how you listen to music and give you immense satisfaction for years to come. A high end stereo system is more than the sum of its parts. Stereo systems, unlike home theaters, have only a few pieces. Each one makes a substantial impact on the experience.

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ATC speakers: engineers reveal 7 design secrets in exclusive Q&A

by Nyal Mellor December 26, 2014

ATC is an English company that makes some of the best speakers in the world. Their studio monitors are relied upon by many top tier musicians and studios. Check our blog post to learn more.

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