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08/2019 Newsletter

by Nyal Mellor October 09, 2019

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Acoustic treatment makes all the difference!

Mr. D'Cunha is a home theater enthusiast from Australia who brought us in to create his dream home theater. We provided the following services: home theater layout, sub number and placement optimization, baffle wall design, riser design, and acoustic treatment design.
Whilst the room construction was completed two years ago, the acoustic treatment was only installed recently:
"I put all the panels up last Friday and did an Audyssey Pro calibration last night...the sound is absolutely amazing!...It's almost as if a veil has been lifted off the speakers, the surround speakers actually make me feel enveloped...before I could always pin point where the sounds where coming from...everything is so crystal clear and LFE is sensational!"
Below is a photo of the completed home theater - for more, read the case study here.
Photo of Australian home theater.

A high performance, budget home theater...

You don't have to commit to a design package to benefit from our home theater design expertise - excellent results can be achieved with just a few hours of consultation.
We recently completed a project with L.O., who contacted us for assistance with a high performance, yet budget conscious, home theater. In this case, we provided him with our by-the-hour consulting services.
Hourly consulting is not appropriate for every project, since it typically does not produce any formal deliverables. Design work is done at a high level, but this is often sufficient to steer a project to a great outcome. The client benefits by being able to consult with a home theater design specialist at a low cost, so that total project costs can be kept minimal.
You can read more about the process and end results here.
Photo of home theater screen wall

Cool stuff from around the web...
Crystal Screens - US made holographic projection screens
Inside Despacio, the world’s greatest club sound system
Despacio is the brain-child of audio engineer John Klett. It is a behemoth 10,000 watt, sound system designed to be completely portable. Each five-way stack of speakers features 21" and 15" low frequency woofers in addition to a 12" mid-range driver and two horns. The system is powered by eight racks of McIntosh tube amplifiers. To read more about this impressive system, visit the Musictech link below.

Need help with your home theater, stereo system or home recording studio?

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Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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