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Buying the Right Acoustic Panels: Part 2

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

How do you buy the right acoustic panels?

This blog article is the second one in our mini-series on how to buy the right acoustic panels for your home theater, home recording studio or listening room. The first blog article, cunningly titled 'How to Buy the Right Acoustic Panels: Part 1' explained:
  • Why it is crucial to acoustically measure your room to understand its issues
  • What absorbers and diffusers are, and how they work
If you haven't read Part 1 I strongly suggest you take a look before reading on!  

What you need to know!

Before you So once you have measured your room the next step is to compare the measurements to best practices, understand the root cause of your room’s acoustical issues and figure out what changes are required to improve things. Simple, huh?! Actually not so much. If you haven't already I strongly suggest reading these articles. You'll learn a lot about what acoustic measurements to take and how to interpret them. Room measurement series - everything you need to know about measuring your room.       Still, the important thing is that you have measurements. If you have those you are better off than 90% of other people who add acoustic treatment without knowing what problems they have and therefore what they are trying to fix.   In terms of acoustic measurements frequency response is perhaps the easiest one to understand. It's a two dimensional graph that shows how sound pressure level changes by frequency. Something like   Even though acoustics get pretty complex le



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