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DEQX show next generation HDP-4 at CES

by ct_acoustic_frontier July 06, 2022

DEQX, makers of the now discontinued HDP-Express and HDP-3 showed the next generation of their digital crossover / loudspeaker correction processor - the HDP-4 - at CES 2012. Acoustic Frontiers was there to take some pictures and get the low down on these new units.

DEQX HDP-4HDP-4, looks like a HDP-3!

The HDP-4 has the following features:
  • Digital outputs as standard instead of as an optional plug in board
  • New digital pass through outputs the input signal without DSP filtering
  • All non AES digital inputs and outputs now on 75ohm BNC connectors rather than RCAs
  • New toslink digital input
  • Balanced XLR outputs as standard instead of as an optional plug in board
  • New 24bit 192kHz input (but note DSP processing still occurs at 96kHz)
  • Optional USB input via new plug in board
  • All new 32bit 192kHz DACs
The HDP-4 will be is available with both black and silver anodized front 12mm aluminium panels and will use the same remote control and calibration software as the existing processors.

DEQX HDP-4Back of the HDP-4 showing the as standard balanced XLR and digital outputs

Pricing for the HDP-4 is $5495 provisionally set at $4999 compared to $3999 for the HDP-3 and $1999 for the HDP-Express. The HDP-4 is available now should hopefully be available end of March 2012. The HDP-3 already offers fantastic sound quality and good value for money and the HDP-4 looks like it will improve on this! We are really excited about this new unit so feel free to contact us if you'd like to spend some time discussing it and how a DEQX digital crossover / loudspeaker / room correction processor can improve the sound quality of your two channel audio, home theater or studio system.  



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