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How to implement a room correction device

by Nyal Mellor April 25, 2014

So you want to use a room correction system? One of the questions you will face is how to implement it within your system. There are five different ways to do this:

  • Between a digital source (disc player or music server) and a digital analog converter (DAC). A room correction device used in this capacity must have digital inputs and outputs.
  • On a music server. In this case room correction software resides on your PC or Mac and implements the correction filter before the signal is output to an external DAC.
  • Using an external room correction box that takes an inputted digital signal, applies correction filters and performs a digital to analog conversion. The DEQX HDP-3 and HDP-Express work in this manner.
  • Similar to above but taking an analog input signal but performing an analog to digital conversion before application of correction filters and digital to analog conversion. The DEQX HDP-3 and HDP-Express both have capability to take analog inputs.
  • A room correction device that operates only in the analog domain using op-amps and therefore has analog inputs and analog outputs.

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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