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RED announce REDRAY 4K source

by Nyal Mellor February 22, 2013

RED have announced their REDRAY 4K player. 4K or UltraHD is a high definition display format that offers 4x the resolution of 1080p.    /></span>


So far RED have: <a class=4K cameras, the REDRAY player, REDCINE-X PRO and the ODEMAX content delivery system. Viewed in totality it looks like a play to control the whole 4K ecosystem, from content creation through content delivery with their products. What's clear is that whilst the technology might be there there is not a clear answer from the industry as to how the content will be delivered. Some think on optical disc, via 4K enabled blu-ray format whilst others are betting the house on downloads. Jerry Colliano, of Home Theater Review, has written an insightful article, the title of which says it all: UltraHD sets are coming but long before UltraHd content. A number of clients have mentioned to us that they are 'waiting to see what happens with 4K' before investing any serious money in projectors or new TVs. From our perspective it seems like it's going to take 2 or 3 years - at the minimum - before a stable ecosystem appears for 4K. And it will be even longer before prices come down to the same level as they are for 1080p today. What's clear to us is that if there is the opportunity to get a significant quality boost by switching to a new display then you should go ahead. It's going to be a while before 4K displays come down to reasonable prices and maybe just as long or longer before a large catalog of 4K material is going to be available.

Nyal Mellor
Nyal Mellor


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