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The Art of Sound: Creating the Ultimate Listening Room in a New Construction Project

by Nyal Mellor April 28, 2024

The Art of Sound: Creating the Ultimate Listening Room in a New Construction Project


Len, an avid audiophile, embarked on a project to create the perfect music listening space. His project involved adding a purpose-built music room as an addition to his home. The goal was to optimize the room's acoustics and dimensions to enhance the performance of his high-end audio system. Understanding the complexity involved in achieving exceptional sound quality, Len sought the expertise of Acoustic Frontiers.


    1. Establish the ideal room size for a home addition, optimized for dedicated listening room.
    2. Design the room's acoustics to minimize unwanted reflections and resonances.
    3. Recommend optimal interior wall dimensions to enhance sound quality within the room.
      Acoustic Frontiers, through meticulous analysis and collaboration with Len, undertook a comprehensive approach to transform his vision into reality.

        Room Size Determination:  Acoustic Frontiers calculated the optimum room size based on acoustic principles and Len's high-end audio system requirements. The dimensions were carefully chosen to minimize acoustic issues and optimize the listening experience.

        Room Acoustics Design:  Acoustic Frontiers proposed specific materials and techniques for the walls, floors, and ceiling to enhance sound diffusion and absorption. This included:

        • Utilizing an isolated wall system with Kinetics IsoMax clips, furring strips, and R-11 fiberglass insulation to minimize sound transmission.

        • Installation of Soundbreak XP damped drywall and acoustic sealant to further enhance sound isolation and quality.

        • Integration of dedicated A/V electronics wiring and a specialized 1-1/2 ton A/C system to minimize room noise and optimize performance

        Interior Acoustic Panel Positioning:  Acoustic Frontiers strategically positioned acoustic panels throughout the room to achieve a flatter frequency response, lower reverberation time, and improve clarity, sound staging, and imaging. This included: Ceiling: Installation of wood frame acoustic "clouds" with RPG BAD panels and UltraTouch R19 sound absorption batts.

        • Front Wall: Placement of RPG Modex type 1 plates and broadband panels to control reflections and enhance sound quality.

        • Side Walls: Implementation of RPG BAD ARC panels, Listen Audio natural birch diffusers, and other acoustic treatments at key reflection points.

        • Rear Wall: Installation of a large absorber box filled with R38 fiberglass, incorporating existing RPG BAD panels for additional sound control.


        Len’s story emphasizes not only the importance of equipment optimization but also the impact room design and layout have on the audio experience. By collaborating with a professional, the meticulously designed acoustics and optimized room dimensions enabled Len's high-end audio system to achieve its pinnacle performance, providing an immersive and unparalleled music listening experience that exceeded his expectations.

        To see more of Len's project, check out the build thread


        In the Client’s Words

        “I put a lot of effort and money into adding a dedicated listening room addition to my home in 2015, as I spend many hours enjoying music each week. The room was easily the most important upgrade to my stereo system. I think it sounds fantastic and considerably better than anything I've heard at a dealer or audio shows.” – Len W.


        • You'll have a system you love.
        • You'll experience audio-video like never before.
        • You'll have no doubt you got the best performing system for your budget.


        Nyal Mellor
        Nyal Mellor


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