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Using subwoofers to improve sound quality: Part 2 - Room Modes

by Nyal Mellor October 26, 2010

Room modes are caused by perfect constructive interference between a sound wave traveling between two boundaries. This article provides a high level overview of room modes and their impact on sound quality.

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Using subwoofers to improve sound quality: Part 1 - Speaker Boundary Interference

by Nyal Mellor October 19, 2010

Deep nulls in the frequency response in the bass region can be caused by phase cancellation between the direct sound wave from a sound producing device and the indirect sound wave that has reflected from a nearby boundary such as the floor, ceiling or walls. This phenomenon is called speaker boundary interference or SBIR for short. This article introduces SBIR and explains how these deep nulls can be ameliorated through use of a subwoofer.

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Check out the 'Home Theater Geeks' Podcast - it's great!

by Nyal Mellor August 24, 2010

Recently I stumbled upon the great 'Home Theater Geeks' Podcast series by Scott Wilkinson of UltimateAV and Home Theater Magazines. They take the form of 1 on 1 interviews with notable individuals from the audiophile and home theater world.

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Room Correction: A Primer

by Nyal Mellor July 01, 2010

Much confusion still exists about what a room correction product does, what problems it can (and cannot) solve and therefore its 'place' in a modern high quality sound reproduction system. Part of the challenge of understanding room correction is that it requires a reasonable level of understanding of sound quality, acoustic science, acoustic measurement and psychoacoustics (how humans perceive sound). By the end of this article I hope that you will have learnt enough to judge for yourself what room correction can and cannot do and how best to apply it in the context of a world class music or home theater system.

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2 channel audiophiles are listening! The Absolute Sound publishes an article on how to get good bass...

by Nyal Mellor October 28, 2009

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Acoustic consulting - examining quality vs price

by Nyal Mellor October 15, 2009

Since I have been offering acoustic design consulting I have come to the conclusion that there are three different levels available to the end consumer. Each level offers a certain quality and cost level. By quality I am referring to how good the room sounds at the end of whatever design process is undertaken.

I've summarized this relationship in the chart that follows.

  • Quality refers to the sound quality improvement realized from acoustic design and treatment with 0 being no improvement and 100 being substantial improvement.
  • Price refers to the cost of the combined services plus acoustic treatment

You will see by following the red line (the 'value curve') that a good level of quality is realized at quite low cost from the acoustic treatment companies. As the curve enters the second level, where the new-breed of acoustical designers operate a small cost increase leads to a significant increase in quality. At the top you enter the realm of the specialist design companies. There are still quality gains to be had but they come at significant cost.


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