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Improving the room acoustics of a Marin home recording studio

by Nyal Mellor January 17, 2018

Home recording studio acoustics improvement. Scope: room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design, system set-up.

"I'm quite satisfied with the results. And I learned a few things along the way!" Scott S.

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The Acoustic Transformation of a Los Angeles Audio Listening Room

by Nyal Mellor September 23, 2017

Listening room acoustic treatment and system set-up. Scope: speaker placement optimization, room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design and system set-up.

"After Nyal thoroughly understood my needs and budget he put together a plan that worked for my room." Mr. Green.

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A San Francisco Home Theater Transformation!

by Nyal Mellor December 24, 2016

Home theater transformation. Scope: layout, low frequency optimization, AV equipment specification, acoustic treatment design.

"We couldn't be happier with the end result!" S.G.

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Speaker Design

by Nyal Mellor December 04, 2016

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Our thoughts on Triad Speakers' "7 things you must know when designing an Atmos system"

by Nyal Mellor September 04, 2016

Our thoughts on Triad Speakers and 7 things you must know when designing an Atmos system. Get into this with our comments.

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Room Acoustic Analysis and Acoustic Treatment for an Audiophile Listening Room

by Nyal Mellor August 24, 2016

Improving audiophile listening room. Scope: room acoustic analysis and acoustic treatment design.

"Perhaps room treatments aren't as sexy as the latest new component but they perform the essential task of removing room colorations." Mr. Maciag

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Adding a Home Theater Riser to an Enthusiast's Room

by Nyal Mellor August 23, 2016

Home theater riser addition. Scope: construction level documentation.

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Another AVS Forum Home Theater of the Month for Acoustic Frontiers!

by Nyal Mellor June 12, 2016

AVS Forum home theater of the month. Scope: home theater layout, low frequency optimization, electrical design, acoustic treatment design, video calibration.

"The audio in that room stops on a dime. Very neutral without sounding clinical."

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Room acoustic issues 101

by Nyal Mellor April 17, 2016

Different parts of the frequency spectrum have different room acoustic issues or distortions. Acoustic distortions can be defined as sound quality degrading issues introduced by the interaction of a sound source such as a speaker and the acoustic environment it is placed in.

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UHD 101: Demystifying 4K, UHD Blu Ray, wide color gamut, HDR, 4:4:4, 18Gbps and the rest!

by Nyal Mellor March 09, 2016

This comprehensive blog article is intended to demystify some of the technical details behind UHD or Ultra High Definition.

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Home Theater Design & Calibration for a NC, USA client

by Nyal Mellor March 01, 2016

Home theater design & calibration. Scope: design review
equipment, acoustic treatment design, baffle wall design, audio calibration.

"The room has turned out beyond our expectations." Mr. Parvathaneni

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Improving Home Recording Studio Acoustics for an Electronic Musician

by Nyal Mellor February 16, 2016

Home recording studio acoustics improvement. Scope: room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design, system set-up.

"Thanks to Nyal, working in my studio is nothing short of a pleasure." Leo

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